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Semiautomatic carbine GRAND POWER STRIBOG SR9A1, cal.9x19 is the ultimate solution for close protection or sport shooting guns. 
STRIBOG was designed by means of requirements and desires of our customers and fans, resulting in robust, reliable carbine.

The core of the carbine consists of dynamic blowback dual mass bolt, which reduces recoil by absorbing the energy and thick robust barrel attached to the upper by nut, making it easy to disassemble. Lateral exchange of cocking lever can be performed without any tools. Along with FRN collapsible stock, SR9 A1 barrel is equipped by original GRAND POWER muzzle break, identical to popular GP vz. 58 muzzle break in calibre 7,62x39 that further reduces the muzzle lift and increases shooting comfort.

Extreme variability is one of the key features of STRIBOG carbine, therefore it incorporates aircraft grade dual upper and lower receiver with Picatinny rail on the upper and lower side of the upper receiver, as well as KeyMod rails on both sides of the upper receiver.

The design of lower receiver allows installation of any AR-type pistol grip, so you can use factory mounted one or your favourite AR-type grip with no need of special adaptors.
folding FRN stock supplied as a standard can be replaced by AR-type stock adaptor, so you can choose variety of third-party stocks available on market.

Standard packaging magazines available are 10rds, 20rds and 30rds.

The STRIBOG trigger mechanism is based on AR-type parts, many of which can be exchanged for third party versions. It also incorporates easy to reach manual safety. STRIBOG can be field stripped without any special tools and is easy to maintain.

STRIBOG is the ultimate carbine and it will exceed all of your expectations.