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Marián Fedor (SK)

Marian shoots with X-Calibur, 9x19. Started shooting in 2009. Top placing: 3rd place in the European Championships in Portugal, 2013. 2014 Extreme Euro Open, Czech rep., 3rd place –...

07.04.2014, read more


Ján Pálka (SK)

Ján shoots with X-Calibur, 9x19. He is shooting since 1997. His top placing was 3rd place of teams during European Championship in 2013, Portugal. Shooting instructor actively involved...

07.04.2014, read more


Štefan Ács (SK)

Štefan Ács is active competitor since 1991, started in club of sport Police (ŠKP). He shoots with X-Calibur. He is five-time champion of Slovakia in sports and situational shooting...

22.05.2014, read more


Marius Kazanskis (LT)

Marius shoots with X-Calibur, 9x19 (IPSC) & K100, 9x19 (IDPA). His greatest success list includes: IPSC Extreme Euro Open 2014 (Czech)- 34th place; IPSC Estonian Super League M1 2014...

16.06.2014, read more


Jonny Sniezek (CA)

Jonny shoots with X-Calibur, 9x19. Top placing: 1st place in 2010 IPSC Canada Nationals Junior. His greatest success list includes:2010 IPSC Canada Junior Nationals, Canada, 1st place -...

10.04.2014, read more


Guy Stockbridge (ZA)

Guy currently shoots with X-Calibur, 9x19, he did use K100 before as well. He has been a sport shooter since 1997.   Guy was awarded South African National Colours. Competed in the...

29.09.2014, read more


Peter Kastell (SE)

Peter shoots with X-calibur, 9x19. He has been sport shooter from 2008.  1st place, individual, Sweden Cup 9, Sweden 2014 2nd place, individual, Sweden Cup 7, Sweden 2014 2nd place,...

27.10.2014, read more