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Štefan Ács (SK)

Štefan Ács is active competitor since 1991, started in club of sport Police (ŠKP). He shoots with X-Calibur. He is five-time champion of Slovakia in sports and situational shooting in the senior category in the period 2004-2010 and multiple medallist of the Slovak Championship in tactical and combat shooting, held in Lešť, Slovakia since 2004.

His greatest success list includes:
2004 European Championship, Czech Republic, 2nd place
2005 World Championship, Ecuador, 3rd place
2006 World Cup, Thailand, 3rd place

He is historically the most successful shooter in his category in Slovakia.

In 2012 he returned to competition after a two-year pause, scoring beautiful results such as 3rd place in the Championship of Slovakia in sport-situational shooting, 2nd place in the sixth round of Slovakia-Polish league.
In 2013 he was listed in nominations for European Championships, which were held in the summer in Portugal.

In addition, he became famous as a top shooting instructor (IBSSA member), who has led several international trainings, most recently in 2010. He used to be the bodyguard for many international VIP individuals, including the in the Pope during his visit to Rožňava in 2003.

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