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Ján Pálka (SK)

Ján shoots with X-Calibur, 9x19. He is shooting since 1997. His top placing was 3rd place of teams during European Championship in 2013, Portugal. Shooting instructor actively involved in shooting since 1997. He can not only teach shooting but also use the skill as sport.

2014 Memorial J.Spaceka, Poland, 1st place – individuals

2013 Krakow open, Poland, 3rd place – individuals, Production Division
2013 European Championships, Portugal, 3rd place – teams
2008 Open Delta Cup Belgrade, Serbia, 2nd place – individuals
2008 World Championship, Bali, 3rd place – teams
2007 Hungarian Championship, 1st place – individuals, Production Division
2007 European Championships, France, 1st place – teams
2007 European Championships, France 8th – individuals, Production Division

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