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Caliber: 9PA Rubber 

Trigger mechanism: SA / DA

Trigger pull weight: 20-25N / 35-40N

Overall length: 190mm

Height without magazine: 133.5mm

Width: 36mm

Barrel length: 105mm

Weight w/o magazine: 750g

Weight w empty magazine: 840g

Standard magazine capacity: 15


The T910 model, available with 10x22 and 9PA Rubber calibers, using rubber bullet ammunition. The appearance is almost identical to P1 model. The T in its name stands for TRAUMATIC, since the pain caused by this kind of ammunition is paralyzing but not lethal. This gun is designed to be used in situations when the standard gun might cause injuries even to the persons who are not  the subject of interference (e.g. railway police, flight defence, security services) or serious material damage.