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K102 R

Caliber: 9mm Luger 

Trigger mechanism: SA / DA

Trigger resistance: 20-25N / 35-40N

Overall length: 202.5mm

Height: 133.5mm

Width: 36mm

Barrel length: 108mm

Weight without magazine: 740g

Weight with empty magazine: 820g

Standard magazine capacity: 15


The K102R with SA/DA is characteristic with 2 shots burst option. The manual safety device has three positions. In the upward position, the gun is secured. In the horizontal position, the gun is released in semi regime and in the downward position, the gun is in a double burst regime. The gun is supplied in any combination of all accessories available. The sights consist of a side-adjustable steel sight and plastic sight.

K102 R Model is supplied only to military forces or under permission of the relevant Ministry.